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Ghanaians join Roland on Facebook to blast market women for selling in front of Pokuase Interchange

While the Government is doing its best to fix the country, we also need to work on our attitudes so that we can drive Ghana towards the right path.

On several occasions, market women complain of where to sell their products, and after provisions are being made to provide a better atmosphere for them to do their business activities, they still go back to break the laws.

Some indeed make the work so difficult for city authorities and Metropolitan Assemblies. When you prosecute them, they will be same people to complain of hunger and poor living conditions of their family and children, yet they continue to toe the wrong path.

Hence, when this happens, a higher force needs to applied on daily basis to sack them from selling at unapproved joints in order to ensure discipline among the entire citizenry.

Usually, what happens is that they try to outsmart those who sell in the main market, by setting up their products at joints where people or buyers could easily notice them.

In effect, they sweep more customers than even those who are strictly following the laws.

Buyers are also need to be blamed for this happening. When they are cautioned not to buy from these unapproved joints, they easily give in. Indirectly, they are also promoting criminal business activities in the country. And I think those who do that should also be allowed to face the law. They are the ones to even report these violators to the appropriate authorities to face the law, in the strictest manner.

It is a collective action, and we all need to expose people who violate the law, sanction them appropriately and ensure discipline in our market places, cities and the country at large.

Meanwhile, Ghanaians have joined Roland Walker on Facebook to blast some market women who were spotted selling in front of the Newly Commissioned Pokuase Interchange.

This is Ghana's first-ever four-tier interchange at Pokuase in Accra on the Accra-Nsawam-Kumasi road.

Below are some of the reactions from Ghanaians (Facebook users):

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