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Takoradi Kidnapping-The Takoradi Missing Pregnant Woman Found But The Missing Girls Were Never Found

It is really downhearted anytime we either hear of murder case or a kidnapping case.

Lately kidnapping cases are on the rise in Takoradi the Western region of Ghana.

It is close to two years now when news broke out that three young girls were kidnapped in Takoradi and which up to now they had never been found.

The Takoradi missing girls created a whole lot of panic and fear in the people of Takoradi Municipality and it environs and even the whole Ghana at.

And just when we thought the kidnapping issues in Takoradi have seized another one has surface up.

Just last week a pregnant woman went missing in this same Takoradi again - she was actually kidnapped.

By this time around it was a heavily pregnant woman who was very close to delivery who according to legal sources went out at 5am for a routine morning walk got kidnapped.

However unlike the missing Takoradi girls who were never found the pregnant woman was found.

She was actually found safe and sound - hallelujah.

After all this said and done Ghanaians and the whole world at large have already crossed their fingers in anticipation for the Takoradi missing girls to also be found some day like the pregnant woman.

Content created and supplied by: Scarletbuggarti (via Opera News )

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