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Road Accident

Indiscriminate use of sirens to beat traffic

Beating the traffic is something everyone love to do. Sometimes, someone might be late for work, school, lectures or will want to meet someone or get to an occasion before they closed, due to that, the person will find the ways and means to beat the traffic. Of late, the country has been recording a lot of accidents cases, deaths and many injuries.

Traffic, is there to regulate the movement of vehicles and human beings but, people find it necessary to always beat the traffic because they are late to say they are going. It's sad to witness an accident to occur. People must stop beating the traffic. It's very bad.

Check this out

No sirens for the following:

1. Regional ministers and Deputy regional ministers

2. Ministers and Deputy ministers

3. Metropolitan, municipal and district chief executive's

4. Ceo's of government agencies

5. Officials of the presidency unless otherwise designated

we need to respect the traffic lights.

Pls, share your feelings about this on the comments box.

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