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Sad: Man Allegedly Gunned Down On The Kumasi- Accra Highway

The world we live in now is a very scary one as lives of people are being claimed almost every passing moment.

We wake up everyday to the news of different incidents and this seems to be putting Soo much fear in people as trusting someone is now a very difficult thing.

People get missing every now and then without any news of their whereabouts and they are later reported dead. Some never get traced and their loved ones remain grieving for the time being.

Some other individuals who unfortunately land in the hands of ritualists get killed and their body parts get removed for whatever thing they want to do with them.

This alone should tell us that humans no longer fear putting pain on their fellow humans.

According to information trending online, it is alleged that a man was shot by some unknown people on the Kumasi Accra road and left by the road side.

According to persons living close to the place of the incident, they heard gun shots and decided to check what was happening and unfortunately met this man on the ground.

From what most of them said, he doesn't look familiar, meaning he was supposedly in a car with the people who shot him and left him on the way.

Could it be that he is a driver who picked some bad people on the way who pretended they needed a car to board and later shot him dead in order to do away with his vehicle? Driving in very quite routs has now become very risky that, people even fear treading such roads even during the daytime.

The rate at which people are being killed is getting Soo alarming, hence we have to all be very careful at all times.

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