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To avoid being a victim of kidnappers, don't do these 7 things(Read More)

(1). In the event that the work you are doing it's a pleasant one, don't tell numerous individuals about it, or the real sum you get. 

(2). try not to stop anyplace you see along streets. Particularly If you are voyaging, park just in places you know would be ok for you. What's more, consistently pin the entryway of your vehicle. 

(3). Try not to tell anyone the amount you have in your record. With regards to cash, no confided in companion. 

(4). Naturally, a few merchandise worth huge number of nairas, yet that ought not invigorate you to discuss the sum you purchase your things at whatever point individuals are in your shop. Ears are tuning in! 

(5). In the event that the measure of cash you make in a day is enormous, don't enlighten individuals regarding it. On the off chance that they compute it and know the measure of cash that enters your record month to month, it's something else. 

(6). In the event that you need to pull out a colossal measure of cash, go inside the bank. Abstain from utilizing an ATM, it's just putting you in danger. 

(7). Brain the things you post on friendly. media.

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