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Road Accident

Prosecute and jail him immediately: More troubles for driver who killed the 10-year-old school boy

There are certain happenings or events in society we can avoid as citizens, yet we tend to ignore them most of the time.

Accident has now become an epidemic, taking the lives of innocent souls in the country.

On our minds, we think Coronavirus pandemic is deadlier than accident, but in reality, the latter has proven to everyone that it is indeed more destructive and heartless.

A lot of monies from our rich resources have gone into road investment and projects, yet the accidents on our roads keep escalating.

Part of this issue stems from the poor state of our roads in some parts of the country. We can all bear witness to the fact that some of the roads appear to be death traps, and when coincided with heartless driving, the results are obviously massive.

This menace has also be attributed to the Ministry of Roads and Highways, who appears to be less concerned and less responsive to the plights of communities and residents who always complain about the state and nature of their roads.

Members of parliament are to be blamed for constantly using their constituents for commercial business, political gains, personal nourishment and self aggrandizement.

They continue to make promises to lobby the government and other stakeholders to fix the roads in their respective constituencies, but as soon as they get into office, they then fail to execute their tasks and perform their responsibilities.

Meanwhile, the Motor Traffic and Transport Department of the Ghana Police Service cannot be left out whenever we are discussing road accident menace in the country.

They have been tasked to perform these seven functions:

1. Control and manage traffic on the road

2. Enforce of all road traffic laws and regulations

3. Investigate road traffic accident crash reported cases

4. Process and prosecute traffic offenders

5. Provide presidential route security

6. Ensure Presidential and protocol escort for VIPS and state dignitaries

7. Collaborate with road safety stakeholders ( NRSC, DVLA, NAS, GNFS.

And through effective execution of those tasks, they would be able to achieve the following objectives:

1. Prevent and detect motor crimes and offences

2. Prevent loss of lives and damage to property on Ghana's roads

3. Ensure free flow of motor traffic

4. Arrest and prosecute motor traffic offenders.

I am not so sure these objectives have been attained over the years per the number of accidents we keep recording on our roads, particularly in the first and second quarters of 2021.

Below are the statistical analysis of Ghana's road accident menace (1st quarter, 2021):

Meanwhile, a careless tipper truck driver has knocked down and killed a 10-year-old school boy today, June 4, 2021 at Awutu Beraku (from Kasoa) on the Winneba Highway, Central Region, Ghana.

They were two, but one of them spotted it so fast so he was able to jump off the road, but before he could alert the deceased, it was too late.

It is so clear that the driver killed the innocent school boy due to careless driving and overspeeding; and he must be sanctioned to serve as a lesson to others.

Ghana Police Service must get hold of him, prosecute and jail him immediately for such a criminal offense.

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