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Funny Ghanaian Coffins That Had Everybody Talking

A funeral, sometimes called a memorial service or celebration of life, is a beautiful way to acknowledge, celebrate, and honor the life of a loved one who has passed away. A funeral can bring comfort and peace to grieving people and brings them together to share the pain of loss and the joy of having known someone well. There are many different ways to commemorate a life, and each of them can be tailored specifically to the honored individual, as well as their family.

If a loved one has passed away, you may have questions as to what type of service to perform. You may want to understand the difference between a traditional funeral and a memorial service. Or, you may want to plan your own service in advance to ease the burden on your loved ones and make sure it reflects your unique life. A coffin is conceived with the idea of ​​protecting the body from the immediate environment, that its remains are not dispersed, or as a way of showing consideration and respect for the deceased.

For this reason, since ancient times man has sought a way to preserve the body of people who had significant value in his life. The word coffin comes from Arabic origin which means box or tomb, however the Spanish Jews called it tabut. It is worth mentioning that in Egypt sarcophagi began to be used more than 4500 years ago, because it was believed that this way the deceased would have eternal life. Egyptian burials were made by introducing the deceased in huge polished stone coffins covered with hieroglyphs that told the life of the occupant, or in cases made of wood painted in the shape of a human being.

On the other hand, in Europe around 700 BC, the Celts made flat stone boxes to bury bodies; However, the common thing was to bury the deceased and wrap them in a shroud as the ancient Greeks did, or in wooden boxes. Although at the beginning of the seventeenth century only the wealthy classes and the nobility could be buried in coffin. It was considered a sin of vanity for a poor man to bury himself in this way.

After the industrial revolution, the use of materials in coffins led to the use of various materials for their elaboration, which gave variety in the finishes and quality of the coffins. Currently the coffin as we all know it is a box, which can be made of different materials, usually rustic wood or of good quality, varnished, with a padding inside, which can carry glass, or they can be semi-open, with engravings and details on the outside of it.

The coffin has been kept throughout the centuries as an iconic element in the culture of various nations, regardless of language or religious beliefs, in which the remains are deposited to protect it in its exhibition, transport and burial. A funeral without a casket or coffin is known as a Memorial Service. It is similar to a traditional funeral, honors the life of a loved one, and can take place months or even a year after someone has passed away.

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