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Armed Robbers Have Killed The Pillar Of My Family: Troubled Mother Can’t Hold Her Tears Anymore

Madam Comfort Ababaio can no longer hold her tears, she is devastated and cannot be comforted by anyone. She has lost a son and a young man who has been the pillar of her family to the bullet of some wicked armed robbers. She was at home with her husband, Mr. Joseph Kobina having a good time when they heard a gunshot, It was not normal because they have not heard such a sound in their area before.

Being the man of the family, he quickly moved out to check what was happening, He saw some men running on top speed whilst firing warning shots to prevent anyone from stopping them, but another person was left lying on the floor in a sad position. He was confused and did not know who to follow but since the other gang had guns, he decided to help the young man who had apparently been shot.

Joseph Kobina - Father of deceased

He went close and realized it was his son, Kofi Frimpong. He was still breathing so he quickly organized a vehicle for him to be taken to the nearby hospital, he came back home later to inform the wife of what has happened to their son, Kofi. It was a sad moment for her, she quickly moved to the hospital to have a glance at his beloved son but she was told to go back home because he was already dead.

Kofi has been a provider to the family and their existence in Nkwanta, a community in the Juaboso District of the Western North Region solely relies on him. He has been able to establish himself as a popular mobile money merchant serving the people of the area with good services. Unknowingly for him, the armed robbers have been targeting him and launched their attack after he had closed from work. They took away his bag containing an unspecified amount of money and other valuables.

Madam Comfort Ababaio - Mother of deceased

Madam Comfort Ababio is full of tears and does not understand why such a sad moment would befall her family. Her son who has been taking care of the young ones in the family has painfully been killed by the armed robbers, she did not even have the opportunity to see his last moment. The Police Commander in the Area, ASP Samuel Ntosu has promised the family to remain calm as the police are working hard to bring all the perpetrators to book. The young men in the area are angry and storm the police station to find answers.

Kofi Frimpong - Deceased

But the one who is pained in all of the episodes is Madam Comfort Ababio, a mother who has raised her son to such a stage and lost him to the bullet of armed robbers. The pain will continue to linger in her heart. May the soul of the young man rest in peace as the police continue investigations.  

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Ababaio Joseph Kobina


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