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Male And Female Prostitutes Threaten To Put Down Their Tools Over ARVs.

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On Thursday in Mombasa, men and women prostitutes met up before they went on the street to make new demands on the authorities. If the government struggles to tackle the constant lack of antiretroviral drugs by portraying the drug as their own lives it has menaced to stop their company. The lack of ARVs around the world has made them a big deal, they claim.

They also noticed that others still suffering from the virus are at risk of death if the government persists in addressing the issue of ARV. The prostitutes pointed out that so many of them were HIV positive, and the medicines helped them not infect their clients with the infection. However, eliminating this virus is not a choice for them with the restricted availability of the medicine

This is Mombasa for the second time since the beginning of the year. A couple of months back, Nyali prostitutes took the road and asked for protection.

They accused Nyumba Kumi of suspected abuse and charged them a fee of about Sh200 per customer.

On ARVs, the ministry announced that a stand off has been settled, leading to the postponed arrival of the drug in the Port of Mombasa, and the drug is likely to be indicated.

What is happening in the Africa countries?

We really need God intervention and mercies.

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