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Foods that are damaging your Prostate.

There is no escaping it. As we get older, a healthy and nutritious diet is essential for our quality of life. Especially when it comes to the prostate.

Most of us think we know the right foods to eat when we are trying to get healthy.

But while some foods may claim to be healthy, by actually delving into their composition and packaging, we can see that they are doing us no favors.

Here is a list of the worst foods for your prostate that should be avoided to maintain a healthy prostate and overall health.

Non-grass fed red meat.

Today, current studies show that men who consume large amounts of non-grass fed red meat are are 12% more likely to develop prostate cancer than those who consumed moderate servings as part of a controlled diet.

Non-organic white meat.

It might seem more straightforward to cut red meat out of your diet altogether. But even white meats like chicken and fish, if bought without proper care, can be just as harmful to the prostate and your overall health.

Chickens raised on battery farms, and force-fed turkeys are common examples.


A 2001 Harvard University study found that men who consumed above average amounts of calcium in their diets had a 32% higher chance of developing prostate cancer.

Many dairy foods from cows contain biochemicals that encourage cancer. The high level of animal fat invites high levels of estrogen to be found in men as they age.

Canned foods.

They may be convenient, but canned foods are decidedly not good for your prostate. This is because many of them contain a synthetic estrogen called Bisphenol A (BPA). It’s used in the construction of polycarbonate containers like tin cans and even water bottles.

Non-organic vegetables.

Low carbohydrate vegetables are great as part of a planned ketogenic diet. But for good prostate health, we should ensure that everything we consume is organic and untreated. The wisdom of this approach is apparent.

Look at the amount of contact that non-organic vegetables have with chemicals before they reach our plate.

Table salt.

Table salt, which is 98% sodium chloride, is damaging. Avoid processed foods that are high in sodium and low in potassium. This will affect the ratios in your body.

Sugar and Artificial sweeteners.

Sugar has not been proven to be a direct cause of cancer of the prostate or otherwise. But there are very solid arguments for leaving it out of your diet.

Farmed fish.

Like non-organic meats, farmed fish are also subjected to a string of treatments designed to preserve the product for longer, to make it look better, and above all, to keep suppliers’ costs down.

The fishmeal that many of these farmed fish are fed is high in contaminants, and the crowded environment of their pens means that any contagion is not long in spreading.

At the same time, the companies running these “farms” think nothing of dosing the fish with antibiotics to ward off the diseases caused by their own avaricious methods.

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