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Road Accident

Check it out: An Aboboyaa with a DV License plate.

For this post, we are looking at the lighter side of this whole incident of an Aboboyaa with a DV number plate here in Ghana. The technicalities of whether an aboboyaa ought to have a DV number plate or not will be a discussion for another day.

Popularly called aboboyaa, these tricycle have proved their versatility in our communities. From plying bad roads with ease to carry people and loads twice their weight to carrying refuse from our homes.

As far as we can tell, the aboboyaa has made life simple for others, while for others, they are a nuisance on our roads. Even some accidents have occurred as a result of these aboboyaas on our road.

But recently, we have spotted one with a DV license plate (funny isn't it?) . To the best of our knowledge, a DV plate is used for yet to be registered vehicles, but this one we spotted on social media doesn't look anything new to begin with, yet it had a DV license plate like a tear rubber car, and guess what, it was full of borla( garbage / refuse/ rubbish).

Well, who knows, maybe its a tear rubber aboboyaa.

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Aboboyaa aboboyaa


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