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Man Emotionally Breaks Down In Tears After Coming Across These Children Hawking On A Road (+VIDEO)

When it comes to Africa, many children work every day on the streets to make ends meet. This is due to a variety of factors, including broken homes, poverty, and irresponsible parenting, among others. Although it is against the law for children to hawk on the street, it appears that in Africa, little children hawking on the street to acquire their daily bread is a common sight.

The man in your picture has been captured crying like a baby after coming across three children hawking on a street. It appears the man was in his car when he spotted these children selling farm products by the roadside. These are children between the ages of 7 and 13 years of age who are supposed to be in school at that hour. The worst part is that what they're selling can't even meet their most basic needs for the day.

The gentleman after spotting these little kids got closer to them and embrace them as he was seen crying emotionally. Where these children were spotted selling these farm products is not even a busy lorry station where the farm product can be purchased in no time but in the middle of a quiet road. Anything can happen to these children, somebody can harm these children without anybody noticing because the road is very quiet.

Some people after coming across this video said that they believe this man in tears will assist these children and take them from the street. Others said that all this is a result of the bad leadership we have in Africa, the system we have in Africa is extremely poor.

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