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Do You Remember Savior And Hope: See How The Two Boys Look Now

Hope and Saviour are the two young people on my list today. Hope's parents abandoned him when he was two years old, putting him on the street to die, but good Samaritan Anja Ringgren Loven, who worked for a Danish NGO, saw him and saved him. This two year old was wandering around by himself, eating food scraps from trash cans. His parents waited patiently for him to succumb to hunger or disease, but he did not. God gives children to their parents as a gift. Obtaining them is something that every person on the earth desires.

Regrettably, not everyone's wish is fulfilled at the same time for everyone. Families benefit from children's enjoyment, joy, and excitement, as well as generational and human racial continuity. Some couples want to start a family but are unable to do so owing to unforeseen circumstances. Children are considered a blessing by those who have a large family. This also shows that we do not always obtain what we desire. Children are a blessing to any family, yet in the majority of homes, superstitious rituals are undertaken. Some people believe that some children are endowed with supernatural skills and should not be allowed to live.

To understand what some really poor parents have gone through, consider that some extremely poor parents have been persuaded that their children are witches and wizards who must be exorcised in order for them to progress. They are compelled to kill or abandon such a child in order to avoid being disgraced by society. From a young age, children are expected to bear the brunt of the load. Saviour is another of Anja Ringgren's Calabar Lane children who has been rescued. Following the assassination of his sister by the same religious fanatics who claimed they were both witches. Of Nigeria, the belief in witchcraft is widespread, and many young children are slain because people fear they have witches.

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