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Two Students Were Caught Fighting Beside Their Mate On Their School's Toilet

The two Highschool students fighting on their school's toilet.

Two unidentified High-School students in the United States of America were captured on camera in a heated fight over who goes next after a guy, who was already easing himself on the toilet, leaves.

How the fight between the 2 boys begun.

From the footage, it appears the the guy who was already on the toilet had spent too long in easing himself, and as a result, one of the 2 guys, in the fight, told the other guy that he will be next immediately the guy on the toilet leaves; since according to him, the guy who was supposed to be the next person had refused to mount pressure on the guy who was already on the toilet to finish early.

The argument turns into a fist-fight.

However, as the 2 High-School guys engaged in the heated argument, it turned into a heated fight where they exchanged blows and kicked each other.

They sent the fight to the inner chamber of the toilet.

Interestingly, they sent the fight into the inner chambers of the toilet, precisely the exact place the guy they were all waiting on; whilst the guy who was easing himself remained seated on the toilet unconcerned about the fight.

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