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Female Banker Suspended For Sleeping With Over 200 Men Seeking For Jobs

A female banker whose name has been identified as Mutale Winfridah 39 years of age A female banker named Mutale Winfridah was 39 years old. A bank named ZANACO who worked in Zambia was accused by 10 men of sleeping with them, hoping that she could find a job for them, so her family was named ZANACO. Suspension of her bank.

The woman who is still single because she is seeking a higher degree to find a partner causes her to go to bed with desperate job applicants.

According to reports, the woman took advantage of her position as a senior director of the branch to get men to sleep with her so that they could find work in the bank. There is a close relationship with her, so they don't tell her.

After ten men formally complained to her, bank officials finally learned of the woman's behavior.

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