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Oforikrom Woman in trouble after crashing a newly 2021 made BMW

Oforikrom Woman in trouble after crashing a newly 2021 made BMW 

Sylvia Opoku has been hit with damages this afternoon, after she crushed a newly acquired car on the Oforikrom highways. Sylvia is a part time law student at the faculty of law KNUST and was going for lectures when she mistakenly crashed the car, that was giving her a way at School Junction, Oforikrom. Mr. Ahmed has just taken delivery of the newly made 2021 car from one of his exporters outside Ghana, and was going to sell it and send back the money to the exporter. Mr. Ahmed who owns A Show Room near Bekwai roundabout, off the Gee road, has been having series of problems with work lately. 

His old cars which ranges from infinity, Toyota, Nissan, Mercedes and Jaguar has been standstill, ever since he imported them from overseas. Marketing has changed from the above cars, and the taste was now on BMW cars and Range Rovers. He spoke with one of his exporters, who agreed to export some from overseas for him to sell and pay him later. Mr. Ahmed could not be grateful for his overseas exporter, who had courage and confidence in him. 

They have waited for the car since last year, but delays in shipping couldn't make that possible for it to arrive in Ghana on time. Many were those who came to request for the invoice of his arriving cars, and he needed them to arrive and make fast sales, before buyers lost interest in them. The cars arrived in Ghana on the 21 of January 2021, and they were able to clear the car on Monday 8 March 2021. The cars where three in number, and all were to go for specific buyers. 

Two of the buyers came for their cars on the Monday evening, as they arrived in Kumasi from the port, and made payment on the Monday evening. It was left with the last one, which has just been crashed. The car was for a Doctor who was to come for it on Monday evening, as the other two did, and make his payment. But the doctor couldn't come for it, because he wasn't in Oforikrom at the time. The car was kept at the safe garage of Ahmed's show room, until the doctor called this morning for the car to be delivered to him in his house. 

Ahmed gave the car to one of his trusted delivery guys, who drove the car to deliver it to the doctor. At School junction, was where the driver saw the student lawyer coming, he gave her light to come and Sylvia crashed the BMW for no reasons. It was a junction for her to come out of, so Manu the delivery driver can go in peace. Sylvia forgot herself and instead of stepping on the accelerator of her car with a small push, she stepped on it hard and the car went straight to the direction of the BMW, crashing it on spot. Ahmed was called to the scene and he almost cried, because he has no money of buying the car, and the car was to be delivered to the doctor in new status not used. 

The doctor had refused to buy the car after it crashed, under the view that, it has become second hand or home used. Sylvia apologized and promised to pay for repairs of the front bumper, but Ahmed decline that, is either she pays for the full cost or the car or nothing else. Ahmed cannot sell the car as a home used state because, it was supposed to be sold on brand new state, so he can pay his exporters back. The doctor believed that, so far as the car has been crashed, he cannot spend brand new money for it. Ahmed and Sylvia came to terms, as she left for her classes around 2pm. 

Both will find a way to settle the case, now that the doctor isn't willing to pay brand new money for the car, which was crashed by Sylvia's mistakes. Whatever happens, Ahmed is sure to force Sylvia to pay the full amount of the car, which is GH¢450,800.

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