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Basic domestic taboos

Taboos are inseparable in every human society. Every group of people wether ethnic or religious has its own Seth of taboos. These taboos shape the inter-personal relationship among the people.

It is worthy of note that these taboos are not universal. They are location specific. What is a taboo in the northern part of Ghana may not be a taboo among the Akans.

Every taboo comes with it's accompanying punishment for those who break it. Taboos are spiritually based. They are said to be regulated by the gods and ancestors. Whoever breaks them are believed to be dealt with from the spiritual world.

The following are some taboos in the Ghanaian society.

1. A male should not dispose rubbish at the rubbish disposal site. It is believed that such a man would lose his respect and glory as a man.

2. It is a taboo to have sex in the bush. This is widely held in Ghana and strongly enforced. It is believed that sex in the bush contaminates the earth goddess (asaase yaa). This brings about calamity such as drought, famine etc upon the earth. Anybody found culpable of this is made to appease the gods through animal sacrifices.

3. Do not hit a man with a broom. This is a taboo widely observed in Ghana. It is believed that if you hit a man with a broom, his manhood will die ( sexually impotent).

4. Do not go to farm on sacred days. Every locality has a day it has reserved for the gods and the earth goddess. The gods use these days to rejuvenate the earth and make it fertile. People who dare to break this taboo are sometimes mysteriously haunted in the bush.

These are essential taboos that need to be observed to let dew fall on humanity.

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