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Remember The American Lady With Two Heads? See What She Has Achieved At The Age Of 30

The Abbie and Brittany Hensel are the testimony of God's existence. While some people refer to them as the two-headed ladies, others in America refer to them as conjoined twins.

Abbie and Brittany share almost everywhere else in their body, but their heads, spines, hearts and arms are different. Unlike other twins, they look like one single person but that's not the case.

As a normal and separate human being we have no difficulty in carrying out our day to day activities, so that's the more reason why we should always give thanks to God for creating us the way we are.

Abbie and Brittany were born on 7th March, 1990. According to their parents, the doctor told them that their children will never survive due to their situation. However, against all odds, God showed his power and made them a living soul. Both of them are very passionate about life, friendly and they share everything.

They studied at Bethel University, in fact they are teachers, but only the salary of one person is paid because they share the same body and head, both of them have been satisfied with their life, they are always confident and they believe in God.

Is there anything that God can't do? let's hear what you think about this

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