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The 10 Most Toxic Places On Earth

In the kingdom animalia, humans are the ones who causes or produces waste a lot. You don't need any scientific proof to know this. It's obvious we're the cause of major pollution on Earth. Our attitudes is the cause of the high level of toxicity in our environment.

Just take a walk into the bushes or forest, check how many waste you will find. Talk of waste materials like the ones you see at refuse dump. It's rare to see such waste in bushes or forest where animals lives. But come to where humans lives and the story is different. The level of pollution we produce every year is mind blowing. Pollution has made our environment toxic posing threats to human life.

The following are the 10 most toxic places on Earth:

1. Tianying (China)

Tianying is located in China and has been a dumping ground of used batteries which are usually not recycled. Almost half of the lead in China comes from this place. The amount of lead in this area is 8 times higher than the national safety standard. In case you don't know much lead, just know that lead is a dangerous chemical to humans. Toxic in Tianying has caused health problems like kidney damage, brain damage, anemia etc.

2. Dzerzhinsk (Russia)

Dzerzhinsk is one of the most polluted city in the world. It may actually be the most polluted.

3. Citarium River (Indonesia)

Citarium River has been polluted to extent that it's content is mainly plastics, dead animals and tons of waste from textile factories. Waste has totally covered the surface of the water.

4. La Oroya (Peru)

It's located in the Peruvian Andes. It has a smelter which has almost poisoned almost every part of life in this small town.

5. Kabwe (Zambia)

The air, water supply, the soil are full of harmful chemicals such as zinc, lead and cadmium. The level of lead in children across Kabwe is 5 times more than Environmental Protection Agency standards.

6. Hazaribagh (Bangladesh)

It's not a surprise Hazaribagh is one the toxic place on Earth simply because it's located in Bangladesh which has been noted to be one of the most polluted places in the world. Hazaribagh is a home to tanneries whose workers work in a hazardous environment. The place has caused environmental problems such as corroded limbs, permanent dislocation, asthma and many more.

7. Agbogbloshie (Ghana)

Agbogbloshie is Ghana has been a heavily dumping site of electronic waste including laptops, refrigerator, television etc. The level of lead in this environment is very high because of the electronic waste.

8. Semipalatinsk (Kazakhstan)

Semipalatinsk has been noted to be one of the most radioactive place on Earth. It has served as one of the testing site of nuclear weapons by the Soviet Union.

9. New Delhi (India)

When it comes to air pollution, New Delhi is one of the leads in the world. This he affected the quality of air in the air. The air quality is worst.

10. The Niger Delta (Nigeria)

Oil in this region has brought major development in this area but the pollution it is causing is very threatening. The oil spills has affected life in the waters as well as human lives.

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