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Check Out More Beautiful Photos Of The Student Who Committed Suicide After Being Bullied In School

The death of Lufuno Mavhunga has indeed caused the world to be in a state of tragic. The death of Lufuno has however being a social talk all over the internet. 

However if you don't know about the cause of her death and who she is, i will briefly explain below. 

Lufuno Mavhunga is a South African student who committed suicide after she was bullied by her fellow student in school. However there was video of how she was bullied on the internet. 

In this video, she was initially giving an explanation to a girl, and then another girl who was a student bumped in and starting slapping Lunofo on her face so many times. Instead of the other students to stop them Immediately, they were all laughing.

The bullying in school would have made her to kill herself because looking at the letter she dropped, she cannot withstand the shame in class, however let's check out her last letter before she committed suicide below; 

This is so painful that she had to take of live because of her fellow students in school. However her parents are trying their best to get justice for their lost daughter Lufuno Mavhunga. 

Let's check out some amazing and beautiful photos of her below;

Looking at this photos she is indeed a very beautiful and georgeous lady. May her soul perfectly rest in peace. Let's all wish her soul a perfect rest in the bosom of the Lord. 

However, what are your thoughts on Lufuno death?

Please do well to drop your comments below and also share and like. 

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