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Solving Dumsor in Ghana

Power distribution company "Grid Company Limited".

They will be initiating talks with the Electricity Company of Ghana (ECG) on issues leading to power outages in the country. The office of the Grid Company put it out that there will be some three months maintenance on the systems and will be requiring about 330kv to curb the situation of the 'Dumsor'.

The communications Manager of the company (Grid Company ) explained that there will be some power outage at certain of the country. He said this because they will be requiring some amount of voltage and that will be causing the power supply interruptions.

It was said that their exercise to solve the problem will take barely three months to it completion. For this reason they will need the support of all it consumers to help them carry out their operations successfully.

Ways to solve this issues by consumers;

1. Avoid using mechanical objects.

Subscribers must not use mechanical objects to manipulate the resolutions of the meter because it a national property, to prevent it from reading at it normal speed.

2. Avoidingthe practice of using fixed magnets.

The record of energy is directly proportional to the electromagnetic field of the meter. So using magnet on the meter will interrupt with the reading of the meter.

3. Avoid the usage of external phase before meter terminals.

When subscribers do this it makes them get free power supply without payment record.

4. Tapping of power directly from the pole must also be avoided.

Effects if these actions on power supply

1. It causes reduction in voltage of the main supply since it has a specific number of load it can carry.

2. Illegal connection may lead to frequent power outages in accross the country.

3. Faulty connection and overloading can lead to fire outbreak.

4. It may cause damage to electrical appliances of some consumers.

5. It reduces revenue to the nation leading to loss of funds at energy supply ministry.

Avoiding this act will help the nation get a free and smooth power supply chain.

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