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Road Accident

Take A Look At Graham, The Only Man Who Can Survive A Car Crash (Photos)

Everyone in the world is prone to accidents. There are people who survived car accidents, some were injured, some even lost their lives. However, there is an artificial man named Graham who can survive a car crash no matter what.

Graham is a robot developed by TAC (Transport Incident Commission), which is widely recognized by Master Patricia Piccinini, road maintenance engineer Dr. David Logan and injury specialist Christian Canfield. Graham deals with a combination of information, science, and mastery. This recipe is based on years of information on wellness, clinical studies, and innovation. This contributes to the rethinking of a twisted man who points out a selective path in which humanity must move forward, provided we have to be strong on the streets.

Even though we want to believe that we are invulnerable, we are actually weak. The human body is not designed to effectively extend wing length, be it at 30 km/h (or 18 mph). In fact, such a speed is quite fatal for certain passengers. Sure, we're not immune, but if you somehow figure out how to be Graham's little brother, you might end up in a car accident, but society these days won't be able to handle that, mainly because of your appearance.

The unusual forger appears as a TAC task for road maintenance and emphasizes how weak the human body is whenever the fender bends. To design everything for Graham, he worked with a large group of experts who got together to create a "puppet" that looked like an outsider rather than a human.

Luckily, no one will ever look like Graham. It's just to draw attention to the progress people need to make to protect themselves from their own mistakes. The focus of this mission is to make human well-being a higher priority than anything else on the planet. Graham is just the epitome of the Vision Towards Zero.

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