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Check Out What Happened To The Lady Who Was Drugged With Sex Pill At A Local Pub

A lady, believed to be in her early twenties (20s) had an argument with his boyfriend at a local pub in Kenya.

The argument started because, the lady's boyfriend claimed, his partner is cheating on him so whiles the lady wanted to make it clear to her boyfriend that it is not true, the boyfriend didn't give her chance to explain herself and it resulted in a huge argument which drew the attention of the people in the bar.

The lady and her boyfriend ordered for alcoholic beverages already before arguing so while they were arguing, the lady's boyfriend secretly drugged the alcoholic beverage with a sex pill as punishment to the lady for cheating on him.

After the argument, the lady and her boyfriend got angry of themselves and her boyfriend went ahead to pay the bills and left the pub.

The lady decided to stay and drink the alcoholic beverage to release stress and after she drunk a little portion of the beverage, her sexual libido arouse.

The lady couldn't control herself as she was drugged with the sex pill so she offered her body to the men in the pub but they rejected it.

She decided to go out of the pub for the men outside to satisfy her since she didn't get anyone in the pub.

When the lady got out of the pub, she placed herself on the ground, disturbing the males who were passing by so as a result, it attracted people to the place and they rushed the lady to a nearby hospital for treatment.

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