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Happy Community Charity Foundation, a new foundation set up by the youth to help the needy

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A Charity Foundation is an organization whose main aim is to help promote the social well-being of those deprived in our various communities. Owning or joining a charity foundation entails a lot and it is not an avenue for making profit but to help out of your free will although we know that a reward is waiting for such people in Heaven. The Bible states in proverbs chapter 19 verse 17 that whoever is generous to the poor lends to the Lord and He will repay him for his deeds.

So it is perfectly clear that the reward of a giver is from the Lord! There are so many charitable organizations in the world and it has also been flooded in Ghana too which seeks to help the needy. Ghana is a lower middle income country and there are so many deprived people who needs survival with the little we give them. It doesn't take one to be rich before he thinks of helping the needy. Your little can save a life indeed!

Youths in Ghana have taken upon themselves to help those in need with the little they have although majority of them are jobless and even studying. A youth group in the suburb of Kumasi and its environs have taken it upon themselves to help those in need. Their philanthropic attitude have then led to the birth of a new foundation called Happy Community Charity Foundation. The aim of the foundation is to help those in need with the slogan 'your little can save a life'.

The organization is spearheaded by two young gentlemen called Eric Fordjour and Louis Osei Aboagye. Their efforts is been backed by Vida Owusu Asiedu (General Secretary), Oppong Francisca (Financial Secretary), Grace Kontor (Public Relations Officer), Asiedu Junior (Creative Director), Kyei Baffour (Advisor), Afia Asamoah Abigail (Main Organizer), Eugene Otchere (Assistant Organizer) and Daniel Darlington (Assistant Creative director in charge of social media handles).

There are also some members like Millicent, Sneada, Margaret, Dorithy, Emmanuel, Christian, Jocelyn, Rebecca and Samuel who are all helping to make this organization one of the best foundations in the world. Happy Community Charity Foundation is really one of the fastest growing organizations in Ghana although it has not been officially announced to the general public.

All they want is to help the needy through their little contributions and a help from somewhere will also not be bad. They are in need of financial support from other person in the country who is willing to help in order to help move their dreams on and new members are also invited on any day. Happy Community Charity Foundation, your little can save a life indeed!

Dear cherished reader, what do you make of this idea taken by these youths in supporting those in need?

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