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Very Funny: An Old Woman Captured Transporting Her Goat By Bicycle (VIDEO)

Some goats can be really stubborn if the owner decides to transport them from one place to the other by walking. A journey of 30 minutes could be an hour or two because of the resistance of the goats to go with the owner willingly. This old woman in this video has shown people with bicycles a new strategy they can use to transport their goats easily.

Looking at the picture above, an old woman probably between the ages of 40 and 50 has been captured ridding a bicycle so perfectly. The bicycle she is riding is not even the issue but the goat she has tied to her bicycle. This woman tied her goat to the back carrier of her bicycle with a rope.

This way the goat has no option other than to follow the owner. The goat was captured jumping muddy water and places not convenient to it when the owner was transporting it. Some people after coming across this video said that this is actually a good idea from the old woman; they will try it someday.

Others said that it is only in Africa you will see this funny thing. An old woman riding a bicycle with a goat tied to the back is soo funny. You can also watch the video through the link below:

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