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'This is madness: Man cooks his food while sitting on top of a moving car. Video

When you think you have seen everything in the world, someone would do something that will make you realise you have not even seen half of the things in this world yet. In a video, a man is seen cooking his dinner on top of a car, and not just any car, but a moving vehicle.

This man certainly wants to establish some records because no one in their right mind would want to do this unless there is something he wants to achieve or he does not have a kitchen and therefore this car's top was his only alternative.

The video shows this person sitting on top of a moving taxi car, seriously preparing his food on a coal pot while listening to some cool music coming from the car. The question is what possessed this man to do this in public because this may have resulted in a major accident. Aside from being thrown off the car's top and being hurt if the car speeds away, the driver who was in it and the car can also be burned by the fire in the coal pot. However, the video plainly demonstrates that he does not care about his life or the people around him, because this is madness, as someone told him in the video, and he would not do this if he cares about his life.

If this is something he does on a daily basis, he must stop doing it because what he is cooking, which requires him to sit on the roof of a moving car before he can cook, is less important than his life. What shocked the people who were seeing him do this dangerous thing is that a taxi driver would allow someone to pay him to do this while he himself is in the same car driving this person across town without fear of being arrested.

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