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Meet the armless woman who does all her house chores using her legs

It's very sad sewing this woman using her legs to do all her house chores. God is really wonderful, he creates each of us equally but,some of us are in different shape and colours. That doesn't mean that, we are different from each other. We are all one because, it's one God who created us and we must love one another and also appreciate how we are whether, our physical looks, financial status or what is it, we shouldn't look down upon one another. God loves us all and we must also love each other. This woman in this article uses her legs to do everything except to use it and bath herself. These are the things she does with her legs.

She fetch water with her legs.

She grins tomatoes and pepper with her legs.

She slice onions with her legs.

She cuts tan with her legs.

She sweeps with her legs.

She does many things with her legs, just to mention few.

Check her photos

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