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Why Does A Judge Break The Nib Of A Pen After Awarding A Death Sentence? See Responses From People

Have you ever seen and wondered why a judge breaks the nib of a pen after awarding a dead sentence to a convicted criminal? The topic was brought to public discussion on social media by a user and diverse opinions were generated.

A Facebook user known as Ayabeke Perekeme brought the discussion on the group Global Law Discussion Group (Helping Lawyers and Citizens to Know the Law). He posted the question "Why does a judge break the nib of a pen after awarding a death sentence?" 

I was a bit surprised by the topic as I have not in any forum seen the act before but seeing comments from readers, the practice seems real so I had to do a thorough research on it and found that most of the respondents where not far from the truth.

My search online shows that breaking the nib is a symbolic act perform by a judge after awarding a death sentence. This is done to ensure that the 'pen' which puts a convicts life to an end will never be used again to end another life. As life is very precious and every means must be done to preserve it. 

However, death sentence in principle is a last resort that a judge must take to deal with extremely anti-social acts that is incapable of being resolved by any other means available.

It is said that no one wishes death to anybody even if it was his enemy therefore a judge being a human being also feels emotional towards ending the life of another.

Below is the screenshot of reactions of people who gave their thoughts about the topic.

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Ayabeke Perekeme


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