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After A Dead Body Allegedly Woke Up Before the Burial, See What the Undertaker Revealed

After A Dead Body Allegedly Woke Up Before the Burial, See What the Undertaker Revealed

Do you believe in the supernatural? Do you think ghosts exists? Infact, do you believe a dead person can actually come back to life? Well, if you still have doubts about this, I think you should read what a Ghanaian undertaker revealed. 

Sometimes, one accidental encounter can turn a regular day into an unusual adventure. 

Life is meant to be unexpected.

What else would you have it as? An equanimous life would defeat the very purpose of having a life. The excitement of a strange day ahead makes one get out of a bed.

A Ghanaian undertaker has given a chilly account of his encounter with a dead body while he was preparing it for burial.

Narrating his ordeal at the hands of corpses and other spirits to Crime Check Television, Samuel Okyere explained that he had very terrifying experiences with ghosts and corpses while going about his duties as an undertaker.

According to him, he has on several occasions had to beg for his life and safety after encountering a corpse which rose up while he was preparing the body for burial.

The young man who was rescued from prison recently after his evil girlfriend had him imprisoned for 18months for a crime he never committed, told Crime Check Television that his job requires bravery and a measure of spiritual fortification before one can withstand the ‘hazards’ that comes with it.

 disclosed that he had to beg and ask to be allowed to perform his duties.

“I asked him to go sort out issues with his family members or whoever he had problems with prior to his death. I only made it clear to him I was a messenger who had been sent to perform a task of preparing the body for burial,” he disclosed.

According to him, he had stepped out to fetch something and when he returned, he observed that the corpse had started blinking, something he said frightened him.

“I have seen it several times. The person can look at you and blink the eyes severally. All you need to do during such times is hold talks with the dead body that if she or she has scores to settle with anyone, it must be done after burial and not get you involved,” he said.

I think it's scary, but he said that he went off to pick some thing only in order to find the dead person blind as he prepared his body to be buried. "I was really frightened, but I needed bravery," he said. "Of course the person who hosted the show was very surprised and pleased with Samuel's remarks, and so he said the blinks were an illusion created by the melting of ice around the dead body.

But an insidious Samuel refused to agree that he realized the difference between the corpse blinking and the ice melting. He said, He said, "In order to back up his claim, I saw it many times.

The person can look at you and blink the eyes severally. 

Spirits exist! Within the invisible spirit realm, there are both good and bad spirits. Are they persons who have lived and died on earth?

No, they are not. When a person dies, he or she does not pass on to the spirit world, as many people think. How do we know this? Because the Bible says so. 

Have you encountered something like this before? And do you think Samuel might be saying the truth? Leave a comment so I can know what you think. Thanks.

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