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Divorce Affair

Cheating Man Jumps from a Four Storey Building after Being Chased out by Lady’s Husband

New footage has surfaced online entailing a young guy escaping from the wrath of his girlfriend’s husband.

In the video, the man jumps from a four-story building after he was chased out by the husband of his girlfriend. According to sources, the man was having a s£xual affair with the lady in the room.

After receiving a tip-off from neighbors in the apartment on the arrival of the lady’s husband, the man jumped from the four-story building to escape the wrath of his girlfriend’s husband. The guy narrowly escaped death.

People who were around the building were screaming because the building was too long and this could have killed him. Sometimes some risk leads to death but others don't see it that way because they think about their satisfaction.

It is not good to do that sometimes because everything you do can make you have a bad reputation. Please let be careful so that we won't fall into this trap that will make us have a bad reputation

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Four Storey Building


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