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Top 5 African Countries With The Most Scammers

Scammers in general has been very disturbing to people and have been even more progressive in this 21st century with the help of modern technology. Below are the top 5 countries with the most internet fraudsters in Africa.

5. Ivory Coast

The internet's first business is a very prevalent in particular part of the lives of many youths in the university and even school dropouts. These cameras purchase an inexpensive mobile phone and prepaid sim card without submitting any identifying information and when they suspect that they are being traced they discard their mobile phones and purchase new ones. The spam emails used in these scams are often sent from internet cafes equipped with satellite internet connection. Recipient addresses and email content are copied and passed into a webmail interface using a standalone storage medium such as a memory card. Certain areas of the country contain many cyber cafes that serves commerce, selling their doors from 10:30 pm to 7:00am so that scammers insight may work without fear of discover.

4. Kenya

Industrialization and new tech cities are emerging in Kenya so is the prevalence of fraudster activities mostly come in the form of requests for advanced wire transfers of money to pay for goods ordered on the internet. Before the goods would be at largely shipped or messages that request an advanced payment before the release of some lottery prize or for apartment case just like the scammers in many other African countries, they also request their victims to pay money using agents like western union and many other similar ones to pay money or transfer funds. These scammers also tend to take different forms or use different methods to stay ahead of authorities and evade the suspicions of new victims.

3. South Africa

South Africa has been ranked as amongst the countries with the most internet thrusters not only on a continental level but often amongst the top worldwide. Numerous reports of investments, romantic and other forms of scamming have been reported to involve the Southern African country especially in the last decade. The layering factor of this explosive activity just like in Ghana is the lavish and expensive lifestyles on display of these rosters. South African scammers are involved in mystical practices which are believed to ensure that the victim falls for the trick. Bank fraudsters have also grown in number with visiting spoofed banking websites or receiving false messages, notifications of banks withdrawals or deposits being the most used tricks. government's efforts to crack down the activity is greatly affected by cover-up schemes and ever-changing methods used by the scammers.

2. Ghana

Come with us to ghana and let us introduce you to the sakawa spectacle, a Ghanaian term for illegal practices which combine modern internet-based fraud with african traditionalist rituals performed to manipulate victims so that the scammers fraud is successful. Formerly known as the old boys, a word board from nigeria the 77 percent cyber crime can take the form of romance, a contention in gold timber securities or oil. Sakawa is not just a living but a lifestyle as a sakawa voice flaunts stylish clothes luxury cars and enormous wealth in order to promote this act especially in impoverished areas which has developed a culture around sakawa infesting music, movies and clothing brands. The Ghanaian times reports that the government minister complained of chiefs condoning and conniving with sakawa boys which makes it extremely hard for the activity to be cracked down by authorities. The same minister also claimed that some of the con men had bribed the chief to rename his town either galaxy city or la palmas. The negative effect of sakawa boys scones is felt as the image of the country is dented both nationally and internationally.

1. Nigera

no matter the planet you live in you must have heard the Nigerian prince 419 or young boys scums as they have depicted in movies both in Africa, hollywood and bollywood. In these four online scams a Nigerian prince or other member of orea family is seeking to transfer large amounts of money out of the country. The number 419 refers to the section of the Nigerian criminal code dealing with fraud. The charges and penalties for offenders, the scale extent and agenda of the Nigerian scammers knows no boundaries and has limitations as Nigeria also contains many businesses that provide false documents using scams. In 2005 a scam involving a forged signature of Nigerian president Oleshigun or Bassinger caused Nigerian authorities to raid a market in the Oluwale section of lagos seizing thousands of nigerian and non-adjourned passports, 10,000 blank British airways boarding passes, 10,000 united states postal money artists, customs, documents, force university certificates, 500 printing plate and 500 computers. This act is proven to be not only lucrative but has put Nigeria at the top of all red warning alert internationally. With a lifestyle of luxury and access often depicted in movies and music, it is no wonder that it has been one of those things which has only expanded and evolved with time even involving heavy rituals.

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