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Meet The 12 Years Old Boy Who Is Turning Into Stone

A 12 year old boy, Damour who was born with a rare skin disease is almost turning into stone.

According to Damour's father, Mr Joseph, they thought he was a devil when they gave birth to him. The parents of Damour thought he will die early but fortunately he has continued to live for 12 solid years even though he cannot do things most kids do.

Initially, the 12 year old boys was referred to as a frog because of the texture of his skin. He revealed that the clothes Damour wears gets dirty in no time and hard because of the heat his body emits.

According to the father, nothing went wrong with the mother during pregnancy but upon delivery they were shock to the bone to see such a hard bodied baby. Since he is their own, they brought him home to try local herbs and named him Damour which means they will love him not matter what happens.

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Damour Joseph


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