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12 Suspected Land Guards Have Been Arrested at Gomoa Fetteh

Information reaching United Television (UTV) indicates that twelve (12) suspected land guards have been arrested after they attempted to attack the chief and other traditional authorities at Gomoa Fetteh in the Central Region.

According to the United Television (UTV) Central Regional reporter named Jacob Kubi, the people of Gomoa Fetteh had problems with land issues so the chief and other traditional authorities were solving them.

The Chief and the other traditional authorities solved the problem of land issues for the people but it was left with a particular land that needs to be shared equally among two (2) others so they attended to that land.

While the Chief and the traditional authorities were sharing the land, twelve (12) suspected land guards arrived with a Toyota pickup and were holding different types of weapons.

The registration number of the Toyota pickup is GN 1626-Z.

The land guards arrived to attack the traditional authorities including the chief over the land it was about to be shared among the two (2) people.

The chief and the traditional authorities faced the land guards and they were able to stop them to the extent that one of the land guards was injured.

The police arrived after receiving a distress call so they arrested the land guards.

The twelve (12) suspected land guards are in the grips of the Central Regional police.

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