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"They Poisoned Her Drink And Came To See If She's Dead" - Lady Explains How Her Friend Escaped Death

No matter how close someone is to you, always remember that you can't trust anyone. A philanthropist can be tomorrow's terrible enemy because that's what the world provides for today. There are many cases when some people died because of the bad things that their friends, relatives, spouses or even their children did to them.

For example, you all remember the case of Superman, who was recently poisoned to death at a club. It is confirmed that the hip man's drink was poisoned by his relatives, after which he died from poison. Recently, a similar case occurred where a woman was recording a video explaining how her friend's drink was poisoned by her friends.

According to the video, the woman is seen explaining how her friend escaped death from the poisoned drink her friends gave her. He said his friend was selling fried fish at a rented shop a few miles from his house. That day two boys who were very friendly with him came to his shop to buy the fish he was selling. But before leaving, they gave him a drink (alcohol) to keep him warm.

Fortunately, this woman did not take her drink, but left it on the plate she kept that day. The next day these people came to meet him at his house very early in the morning, which was very unusual, so he cooked for them and they ate. Then he decided to check the drink he had given him the day he noticed the peanut butter had been spilled. So he took a dry cloth and started cleaning the oil on the bottle.

During the cleaning, this woman unknowingly overturned the drink, after which some of its contents began to flow while still sealed. So he took it and examined it carefully. Then he saw a small hole in the bottle cap and some white particles in the drink, which indicated that the drink had been injected with poison.

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