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Smart Stealing: See How A Thief Manage To Pass Through This Burglarproof Window To Steal (VIDEO)

These days people set up secret cameras to monitor their properties while they are off to work. Most house owners also use metallic burglarproof windows and doors to prevent thieves who break into their rooms to steal from them whiles away. But it will be better to check out this video so that you can advise yourself of the intervals you leave in between the bars when making the burglarproof windows or doors.

Looking at the screenshots in this article, you could notice that the owner created a small interval on the bottom part of the burglarproof window. The owner thought that no human being will be able to pass through this small hole to steal from him but check out how smartly this guy managed to pass through.

From the outside, the guy came inside with the legs first. He swiftly adjusted the stomach to be smaller than the hole and it came through. What was left were his hands and head. The thief has a lot of experience; he slowly pushes the right hand through the window and shifted the body towards the left hand and came in with the left hand finally. As for the head, it was very easy for him.

He uses just 41 seconds to get into the room and uses 11 seconds to steal whatever he was looking for. Some Ghanaians after coming across this video said that there are serious and smart thieves these days so people should be careful of the kind of intervals they leave in between their burglarproof windows.

You can also watch the full video through this link:

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