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“This Is The Saddest Pictures I Have Ever Seen Today” Lady Cries Seeing This Picture

There are categories of people in this life. There are rich-class people and there are poor people. There are people who were not born with a golden spoon but made it in life.

 A lady shared a picture that broke her heart on Twitter. In the picture, a young boy was seen under a street light late at night reading and doing his assignment. 

The picture of this little boy touched many hearts on social media and attracted the attention of a lady who wished she could have done something to help the little boy.

 This little boy was determined and it seemed like he had no other option to read his book and do his assignment. He had to stay up late reading at night, not minding mosquitos and other insects that bite at night.

 You can see in the picture that it was already late at night and there was no one seen in the picture except the little boy, and he was determined and focused on his book. This lady wishes she could have done something to help this boy buy an electronic torch or electronic gadget if only he knew him.

 You can see how eager this little boy is at his age. He could be the next president and a scientist. I wish leaders could help help society with the facilities required to make life better. Let's not get carried away by the context what was he doing during the day to e why didn't he do his assignment till night.

I pray you will have the resources to train your children and give them a better life to exploit their talents and knowledge.

Content created and supplied by: Auntykuma (via Opera News )


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