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He Claimed He Didn't Have Any Money, But I Found This In His Pocket; Should I Return It? - Lady Asks

Men will sometimes tell their spouses, children, and relatives that they don't have any money. Meanwhile, they are hiding large sums of money in their pockets in the same room as the person they are living with. It's also possible that they have money in their drawer or pocket that belongs to someone else. However, because they refuse to explain that they may have money but it is for someone, they lie to their family.

And some families steal money from their pockets or drawers if they find it since they say they don't have any. The young lady in your picture claims that she requested some money from her father but her father lied to her that he doesn't have any money on him. She got angry because she believes that the father have but just that he doesn't want to give her some.

The father later in the day told her to send his suit to the laundry to be washed. But something told her to check the suit before washing. And to her surprise, she found the huge sum of GHS 10.00 notes in his suit. This is the same man who claims he doesn't have any money on him. Her question is: Should she return the money to her father or keep it?


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