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Watch how Ghanaians reacted after a trotro driver was caught for urinating on the side of the road.

Law and order must be enforced in every nation for it to function. The Ghana police department has recently garnered a lot of recognition for the fantastic job they've been doing in responding quickly to emergencies and for implementing international standards in our policing. If things continue as they are, Ghana will be in a better position than it is now.

We have always compared ourselves to other industrialized countries and chastised our leaders for a lack of development and advancement, but some of our attitudes are contributing to the country's regress. Ghana will be better off if we can only discipline ourselves to some level. It's sad that even when someone is doing the right thing, there will be those who condemn them. This was the issue that arose the day before yesterday.

A trotro driver was arrested by Ghana police for urinating on the side of the road in Accra, according to a post on Kwesi TV. Even if many of the remarks were encouraging, it was expected that everyone would be grateful for the intervention because the driver's actions were indiscipline. Surprisingly, some people defended such behavior. Following are some of the Ghanaian responses to the post:

“You can't fault the driver can't control nature,it's our leaders and ppl placed in position that has to be up and doing.the chiefs are also to be blamed, they sell every piece of Land.The assembly are now struggling for land to put such facilities.lets talk about the mobile facilities ,when placed at vantage point,they get full and contractor would not carry them because he is not paid for years.but we would have same people to defend our prezido to rent chartered Jets arround the world to bath and sleep.”

“This is not the work of the police,it's the assembly but they can't arrest any one , because the facilities to cater for this are simply not there or its far away from where the driver is standing.mstures call don't have your time.elswhere the facilities a placed at joints very close ,so it's very difficult to fine ppl doing them at wrong places.”

“He should be prosecuted.... indiscipline everywhere”

“Please let all of us consider what that driver could have done.Could the driver of the vehicle excuse himself from the passengers and procced to the urinal for about 5 minutes? What could you have done if you were in that position. Let's talk about it”

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