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Wickedness Or Protection?: See What A Man Did To This Policeman To Refuse Being Arrested

These days so many things have been seen to be normal. As a result, some people take certain things for granted. The one fascinating thing about it is that some go to the extent that the take pictures and videos and post them on social media platforms.

In this article, we are going to look at video that is circulating on social media platforms. This video is about how a police officer has been prevented from arresting a man at his home.

The officer could be seen standing on top of the wall of the house in which he is supposed to arrest the alleged man. The unfortunate thing that was preventing him from entering into the compound was that the wall was supported by metallic thorn-like wires. Also, there was the presence of a wild dog which continue barking at the police officer as if it was barking at a thief.

Watching the video closely, the officer did not look like someone who was going to leave the place without arresting the said man. He could also be seen talking to someone who was obviously behind him but in front of the house.

Do you think this is wickedness or the suspect wants to protect himself? Kindly watch the video by clicking on the link below and share your thoughts.

Content created and supplied by: Edoukwah (via Opera News )


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