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CCTV Footage Captured Four Thieves Breaking Into A Shop At Teshie

Are we safe the country? The rate of killing and robbery is becoming to much for everyone. Recently arm robbers were caught on camera in traffic and threatens to kill a driver if he refused to give them what they want.

The security agencies in our country are doing very well to ensure every one is safe in the country but they need to add more effort to arrest this notorious arm robbers in the country.

According to a video on social media, four men were caught on CCTV camera at down around 3:20 am breaking into a shop located at Teshi.

In the video, you could see how desperate this four thieves was to unlock the padlock which would help them get access to the shop items. During the operation, you could see one of the thieves left the others to check if no one is coming, while three of them were standing in front of the shop breaking the padlock with a weapon.

This four thieves find every possible means to break the padlock and open first lock and was waiting to break another lock to have access to what they want by every means.

The shop owner revealed that they were successful in breaking into the shop, but he has reported the case to the police and waiting for the arrest of this four thieves.

What are we going to do as a country to help the security agencies to the arrest of thieves and armed robbers in the country?

We must help each other by alerting the police in case of any robbery attack to save life and property. The youth must learn to work hard, pray to God and resist from all short ways to make money which is against the law of the country.

Please click on the link below to watch the video:

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