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Replacing The GH¢1 & GH¢2 Notes With Coins Means More Coins In Churches & Offering Will Be Affected

The announcement made by the Governor of the Bank of Ghana, Dr. Ernest Addison, to replace the GH¢1 and GH¢2 notes with coins due to its high circulation in the system and being returned worn out may be received by church folks with mixed feelings. This, he said was due to the fact that the worn out notes make it difficult for the machines to process.  

How it will affect the church

1.It means offerings in church will be mostly coins especially for communities and villages that give lots of the GH¢1 & GH¢2 notes. 

2.Many people may `find it difficult to carry and work with plenty coins than the notes. Imagine going to give a GH¢20 offering and it’s all coins. 

3.The noise a coin makes when dropped into offering bowls is embarrassing.

Sometimes, these coins if not handled well may run through your fingers and roll on the ground for all to see your offering. 

4.It is perceived that those who give coins as offering are poor people. This new move is going to pose a challenge for some people who cannot accept that the new Bank of Ghana directives have indirectly made them poor people. 

5.Church attendance may reduce. There are some church members who may not even come to church at all until they have notes as offering to give. They cannot afford to endure the embarrassing noise of coins when dropped in offering bowls. 

What Pastors and Church Leaders Can Do

1.It takes time for people to fully embrace and accept change. Start educating your church members now about the directive of the BoG. 

2.If possible, start working on new offering bowls that can absorb the noise made by coins. 

3.Let your church members know that the value of the coin and the notes are the same so they should not feel embarrassed to give the coins if that is what they have.

4.Pray for your church members for God to open doors for them, organize job creation programs and seminars that can enhance their employable skills.

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