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Owner Pulls Gun On Thief Who Was Trying To Steal His Car At The Gas Station (Photos)

As a person, you need not to steal anybody's things when you find them around. When something is not yours, you have to make sure you never pick it without asking the owner for permission. Many of us do not like to keep other things that belong to other people but some people like to do that. Once you decide to take someone else's things without his or her permission and never having any intention to return it, then you are considered a thief. Many people do this and are punished by either the law, people or some spiritual forces.

There is a video that has been caught by a CCTV camera and my team and I have gotten some pictures from the scene.

There was this young boy who decided that he would only pick up other people's cars when they leave to have coffee around the gas station area. This young boy was however unfortunate this time round as he was spotted by the owner of the car that. The owner brought out a gun and was planning to shoot the burglar if he didn't move out of the car. The burglar, fearing for his life moved out and didn't try to harm the owner of the car since there was a gun pointed at him.

Take a look the pictures that my team and I had.

This is a lesson to us all. Let's not try to pick people's items.

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