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A Woman Narrates How Her Daughter's Friends Introduce Her Into Smoking After She Went To Visit Them

A mother by the name of Maame Yaa from Awomaso Shares her sad story about how her daughter was introduced into weed smoking after she went to visit her friends. According to the woman, her husband fell sick two years ago, whilst she was busy taking care of the man, her daughter went to visit her friends everday and always come home at midnight, they advised her to put a stop to her behaviour and focus on her education but she didn't listen to any of them.

She even punished her on so many times still her daughter continued to go out with her friends whenever she closed from school. The woman said she couldn't continue to stay with her daughter again so she allowed her eldest child to send the young girl to Accra to stay with her. Two weeks later, her eldest child called to inform her that the young girl has got missing, they search for her for some days before they found her.

Maame Yaa said her eldest child sent the young girl back to Awomaso but her husband too died on the day same the young girl got there. After her husband's funeral, she went to a nearby town to get land and started doing a farm on it. She also sent her daughter to stay with their pastor because of her behaviour. Few months later the man of God called to inform her that her daughter has been stealing from other people and also smoke weed so he can't stay with her again.

Maame Yaa was surprised about it so she sent her child home and asked her how she got into the smoking of weed, she revealed to her that it is her friend's who introduced her into the smoking. According to the young girl, her friends introduced her to the smoking of weed three years ago when she went to pay them a visit.

She said all her friends are older than her and she is the only student among them. The young girl says she sometimes smokes the weed early in the morning before she goes, although she is brilliant at school but the smoking has been distracted her studies. She added that she is now willing to put a stop to the smoking of the weed and focus on her education.

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Awomaso Maame Yaa


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