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World sets day aside to honor women who beat cancer

This day was set up to specially to honor women who had to go under the knife and for that matter, talking about them is very key. It hurts seeing that people have forgotten them and are enjoying this day without their thoughts in mind.

Well, this article is going to talk about these brave women who unfortunately had to lose what has stayed dear to them for sometime. Irrespective of the fact that they have faced many challenges in life, they have emerged victorious for beating cancer.

It is very important of women to put in place measures to prevent them for transcending into such states. For this reason, this month has been set aside to help educate women around the globe on what to do and what not to do so as to prevent this unbearable condition from befalling them.

Cancer is deadly and it eats up the victim till he or she can no more hold on. Let us stay safe out there by following the protocols put up in place by doctors such as avoiding putting on tight clothes which suffocates the mammary glands, reporting to the hospital when you find a lump, massaging the mammary glands regularly.

It is also very important to pass such a message to other women since some of them are ignorant about the fact that certain forms of neglect can land them in trouble.

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