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Explained: This Is What Moesha Needs To Do Before She Will Be All Fine

A few years ago, Ms. Moesha Buduong shocked Ghanaians when she told Christina Amanpour of CNN that our economy is such that women have to go into prostitution to meet their basic needs". She came under attack because the majority felt that was not true, for other women were making it without the prostitution.

Maybe what we did not pay attention to was that she was talking about herself. She felt comfortable sleeping with other women’s husbands to meet her basic needs. In other words, she was another woman’s nightmare, as far as you are married and your husband is well to do, he is her potential customer. 

Others hailed her for being honest, bold, and open. Today, she said she has found Jesus Christ and for that matter, she is born again. She does not want to go back to her old lifestyle, she apologized to those she led into prostitution and even asks forgiveness. 

This is good news for Ghanaians, 1. Because she won't give Ghana a bad image in the future. 2. Her fellow women will feel safe in their marriages because she is not out there to get their husbands. 3. This is big news for the Christian community for her to find Christ. 

It is also true the born-again "thing" is a personal experience or encounter. She might have found Christ and now has peace at heart, her spirit might be saved but her mind and body are not saved.

The old memories, flashbacks are with her for life. Being born again does not mean her memory is formatted.

One of the difficult things in life is change; the transition from the "world" to "Christ" is a work and everyone on such a journey needs a support system.

If her only source of income is what she is letting go for her newfound faith, that does not mean she won't need money for her day-to-day stuff. 

The best people she can turn to are those who understand her journey, who are in the same faith she has found, someone to share with, someone to accept and understand her.

Her old circle of friends has to change. The question is, who is willing to be a good friend to her on this journey. She needs Christian friends; brothers and sisters in Christ to reach out to her. 

To Strengthen her, encourage her, pray with her, share the word of God with her, break bread with her, and fellowship together. She needs a new family, a new set of friends. She might be having a difficult time with this transition and this should not make her seem like someone who is sick or having mental issues. 

Psychological support or counseling can be helpful in times like this but what she needs is not a hospital because she is not sick, she is born again, a child in Christ.

She needs a family; father, mother, brothers, and sisters in Christ, to nurture her to grow spiritually till she can stand on her own. The feeling that I am all alone, no one understands me, people don’t believe my assertion or are mocking me can be very worrying and lead to depression. 

This is a time the Christian community has to reach out to Moesha and show her love and support. Because heaven is happy, she is born again.

If we can't support her then the world will pursue her. The Bible says “Well, in the same way, heaven will be happier over one lost sinner who returns to God than over ninety-nine others who haven’t strayed away!" - Luke 15:7 (TLB).

To the rest of Ghanaians, you don't mock or laugh at someone because you don't understand what is going on with them. We need to have empathy towards our brothers and sisters. If we cannot do that, then let’s keep quiet.

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