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White Man Set Record by Working As Banker To Banker Lotto Agent - Checkout Video

Making money is not hard in itself but what's hard is to earn money by doing something worth devoting one's life to. Do you agree with this? Keep on reading.

An extremely amusing video causing ripple effects on social media has shown the minutes a broke white man was spotted as Banker To Banker Lotto Agent. The white man who can be said to be needing money urgently was seen mentioning a few numbers with his last cash in his pocket with trust that he would have the option to succeed toward the day's end. 

The video is hilarious to most people because we all agree with the cliche that all whites people are very rich. Therefore we get amused when we see white people "Hustling".

Recently, there was another video of a white man staking a lotto at a kiosk in Accra which went viral. People who saw the video of the white man staking the lotto reacted by saying that without a doubt the country's system is difficult and everybody is attempting a wide range of means to have the option to take care of themselves and their families. 

Watch The Video of the Whiteman here:

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