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Road Accident

Rate At Which Road Accidents Had Affected Persons And Properties In Ghana Just within the year.

The impact of road traffic injuries could be enormous, affecting societies and individuals in different facets. Despite the prominence of Covid-19 disease in the cur-rent public health space, road crashes remain an im-portant contributor to mortality. It is estimated that some 1.4 million people die from road crashes globally, with most of these being the youth, and people from developing countries.1 In Ghana, 72 persons out of every 100 000 population, suffered from grievous bodily injury, and close to 8 of the same population died from Road Traffic Accidents (RTAs) over the past decade. More than 60% of road traffic fatalities occured in children and young persons under 35 years of age. Aside the mortality and morbidity associated with the road crashes, Ghanaian households spend an average of US$ 1687.65 in direct and indirect cost on severe injuries associated with road crashes, while many suffer considerable degrees of psychological dis-order.

This brings to mind about some road accidents that had being recorded just within this year.

Let's start with,

A report sighted on, an accident that happened in the Ashanti Region which caused the Death of a two year old boy , a driver and his mate .

According to records,

Eyewitnesses indicated that the fuel tanker skidded off the road after losing its balance.

The tanker exploded in the process, burning the driver, his mate, and the two-year-old boy. Apart from the three, seven other people were severely affected by the explosion and sustained various degrees of injuries and were been transported to the hospital for treatment.

The explosion also rendered a number of people homeless after their houses got torched. As at the time of the report, three children were still thought to be missing. Photos from the explosion which popped up showed the devastation it brought to the village.

Morever, lets move on to a similar road accident that happened , three people that got burnt to death after an accident at Spintex in Accra. The three who were travelling in a Mercedes-Benz saloon car had their vehicle running into a 20-footer container that had fallen onto the road in an earlier accident. Immediately after the collision, the Benz took a wrongful turn, run into two other vehicles, before catching fire.

Furthermore, let's move on to the Road traffic crashes incident that were published by Doris Dokua Sasu.

From her publication there were nearly 12,100 road traffic accidents in Ghana which involved over 20,400 vehicles. Moreover, the crashes led to 2,080 fatalities and 12,380 injuries.

In conclusion, this are some of the incidents on Road accidents that had happened and caused damages to persons and properties in Ghana just within this year . I would advise drivers to avoid over-speeding and as well the Government should help provide road amenities and symbols to help reduce the rate of road accident in Ghana.

See photos of some Road accidents that had happened in Ghana below.

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