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Three men from Nkwanta exhumed dead body

A lot of terrible things keep happening day after day, a recent incidence happened in Nkwanta near Sunyani where three men were caught after they exhumed a dead body. Among them were a street preacher and other two community boys. These three men on a hot afternoon went and exhumed a dead body that was buried for not more than three days.

According to the reporters, these men after exhuming the dead body put it in sacks and carried it inside a nearby uncompleted building. They brought their cooking ingredients and roasted the dead body. These men hide in the uncompleted building chopping the roasted body regardless of the bad scent that was emanating from the dead body.

According to the reporters, members of the community within the location where the incident occurred were not aware until the scent of bad smell emanating from the uncompleted building draws their attention, even residents who were close to the scene were compelled to leave the place for some hours before returning. Most people quickly rush to the place where the incident occurred and was surprised to see a young street preacher among the three men. Watch the video below

Members of the community ordered them to be arrested by the police. A lot of terrible things do happen. It's therefore left to the community members to keep a proper watch over to avoid such conduct from being repeated. When the men were asked why they consumed the dead body, they were not ready to say a word.

The person you associate yourself with can change your way of doing things, and learning from the right people will have a positive impact on your life. As it stands now, there are still at the police station to resolve the matter. So what will be your suggestions concerning this matter?

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