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“His Salary Must Be Increase”: CCTV Footage Of How A Security Man Saved Boss From Robbery Attack

Most well fenced homes try as much as possible to hire the services of security persons who can their homes safe for them when they're away.

Some of these security persons tend to suffer in the hands of robbers who trespass in the homes they assume their posts.

A very funny but wonderful video trending online shows how a gateman was very smart to prevent certain individuals dressed as that of police from entering the home of his boss.

It was realized that the boss who was followed by these unknown people in a white care drove so fast hone and immediately he entered the compound, the gateman closed the gate right after him to prevent the next car from entering.

The video has got a lot of attention where almost all people commented that the boss needs to increase his boy's salary. This is the kind of gateman that all will ever wish for.

Please click on the link below to watch the video

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