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"Fulani" man sentenced to 35 years for murdering 2 women at Hwidiem

"Fulani" man sentenced to 35 years for murdering 2 women at Hwidiem 

A 31-year old man has been sentenced to prison with hard labour, after he took the lives of two women at Hwidiem. The man who only gave his name as Truda, is a man who doesn't know where he comes from. The Criminal Investigation Department of the Hwidiem Police which prosecuted the case, asked the man countless times for his full name, but he couldn't give out his original name. There was no identification cards on him and nothing, except the name Truda written faintly on his left arm with his date of birth below. The man Truda had been living in Hwidiem for less than three years, and used those years to commit two murders. His victims were all farmers, and women. 

Truda on the 2 day January 2019, took his sheeps and cows to eat. The animals did not have food to eat in their Pens, so Truda the caretaker of the animal took them to graze on various farms he knew of. He went to the farmer of Madam Dufie, and the animals did uncountable damage to the crops of Madam Dufie. It was New Year's day and the farmer Madam Dufie, did not go to the farm, so she didn't see anything. She went to the farm and saw the collateral damage that has happened in her farm, and almost collapsed. 

She has spent all her savings on the beans farm, but someone has used his animals to come and destroyed all the beans in the farm. The person also used the opportunity to plug down three plantain crops, and took them away. Madam Dufie came to the town and invited her Assemblyman to the farm to see the damage, someone has caused her. Someone told her to visit the sheep and Cow Pens, which was two kilometers away from Hwidem. She went there, and nobody was there. 

She went there the next day and all the cow and sheep caretakers, denied taking their animals to that direction. She went home and did nothing. On 6 February of the same year, she was on her farm when she heard a lot of noise rounds, coming towards her. She raised her eyes and saw Truda, leading numerous animals to graze the remains of Madam Dufie's farm. She shouted to make her presence felt, and Truda did not stop the animals, and rather used the woman's God blessed engine. Madam Dufie struggled with Truda and was pinned to death, after Truda finished driving the engine. 

Truda left the woman there after murdering her, and taking her God blessed engine. Family of Madam Dufie were worried when she didn't show up from the farm on the 6, and went to look for her on the 7. They found her murdered in the farm, and doctors confirmed that her God blessed engine, was touched before her death. She was strangled to death by the neck, and left to rot. This wasn't taken lightly by the family, and they did everything within their power but couldn't locate who it was, and that was on 6 February 2019.

Truda on 27 November 2020, repeated the same thing he did on 6 February 2019 to Madam Dufie. He was grazing his animals on another farm, when Afia Hammond saw him and instructed him to stop. He did no such thing, and Afia went to report the issue to Agya Tuffour, the owner of the farm. Agya allowed the case to go away when Truda threatened him. Afia went to his farm on 14 December 2020, and Truda was waiting for her there. He drove her God given engine thrice, before taking her life. Afia's husband went to look for her after farming that day, and found his wife murdered.

Kwamena Hammond was arrested for having a hand in the death, when he came home to report what has happened. He was given bail on the 16 of December 2020, when police found him to be telling the truth. Truda was arrested after two weeks hunt by the police, and arranged to court Wednesday 6 January 2021. He was given seven weeks remand to help the police investigate the case. The case which was called to the Hwidiem court this morning, saw Truda been sentenced for 35 years of hard labour, for the murder of the two women after admitting to it. He will be sent to the Sunyani Central Prisons today, to start his sentence. 

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